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Devco Aviation is an international aircraft leasing company owning a fleet of AS350 helicopters. With 40 years of industry experience in charter operations, field maintenance, major inspection/refurbishment and import/export, Devco has been exposed to all aspects of the business. Professionalism, attention to detail, and a sense of urgency help to provide outstanding support to the lessee. The company endeavors to remove hurdles from the client’s path by focusing on a common goal strategy to keep the aircraft flying. Spares and Technical Support are managed by both parties to provide the parts and the know-how to keep the helicopters in service. An extensive vendor network and factory training are just a couple of the ‘tools’ that are available to the client. We know that an operator often needs a mixed fleet to service the change in demand, owning some of its aircraft while leasing others. But, we believe that the leased aircraft should not be unique to the fleet in any other way. In fact, we want our aircraft to give the lessee the same ‘pride in ownership’. We do this by ensuring that our aircraft are well-equipped and in outstanding condition, like the rest of the lessee’s fleet. Devco Aviation is interested in pursuing long-term relationships with like-minded companies. Through these partnerships we are able to provide exceptional aircraft and unsurpassed service to the end user and promote our philosophy of team-building as the primary focus to keep the aircraft flying.
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