Our Commitment.

Our commitment to the customer is 24/7 support for the duration of the relationship. If it’s an AOG part that’s needed, we will source it and deliver it to you. If it’s technical support that you need, we are a phone call away. If it’s a new challenge, we will work together to find the solution. You won’t find these terms in the contract – its added value that we feel helps us stand out. The dialogue with the customer shouldn’t stop after the lease is signed and the aircraft goes to work; why not share our experience and pool our collective knowledge? Our goals are the same: be exceptional at what we do, have the respect of our peers in the industry, enjoy success at the end of a job well-done, and let profitability be the by- product of a strong and healthy relationship. Our well-defined goals give us a clear direction, so denying our customer the tools at our disposal is not an option. For some leasing companies unconditional and comprehensive support may be a choice. For us it’s a necessity. We cannot be successful on our own. A firm commitment to provide support at various levels will help to ensure that our customer’s daily operations run smoothly and therefore business plans remain sustainable. We’re right behind you.
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Our Commitment