Our inventory consists of B2, B3, SD2 and FX2 variants. All aircraft are currently utility-configured, with VFR communication and navigation equipment and external load provisions, and can be easily reconfigured to suit the client’s needs. If you’d like an aircraft other than an AS350 let us know – we’re happy to consider your requirement. We take great pride in our aircraft, and insist on partnering with reputable maintenance organizations to ensure every part is scrutinized by highly qualified maintenance personnel. Simply stated the workmanship must meet our standard, over and above accepted practices and manufacturer specifications. Pride in ownership is a driving force for us, because we want the lessee and its client to feel confident about the quality of the aircraft they are flying. It’s not difficult to keep an aircraft serviceable. What’s difficult is making the choice to set the bar high, and keeping it there. We’ve made that choice.
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Devco Aviation Ltd
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We realize our aircraft may operate in harsh environments, but that doesn’t mean they should look like a typical utility aircraft. While being refurbished the level of detail is unsurpassed.